From Sponcer/Employer:

  1. Wakala (Copy)
  2. Sajal Tijaria (Chamber Registration Certificate) (Copy)
  3. Tazkira Majaria (Copy)
  4. Spocer Valid Iqama (Copy)

From Applicant:

  1. Original Passport (Min 6 months validity)
  2. Original ID Card
  3. Pictures 12 (Blue Background Passport size)
  4. Original Medical Report (from authorized medical centre)
  5. NICOP Card / Token Original 
  6. Next of Kin ID Card Copy
  7. Original attested Diploma (for technical trade)
  8. Original attested Degrees (for engineer visa




  • Must provide all previous passports
  • Medical must be from authorized medical centre otherwise not accepted
  • Diploma must attested from foriegn office and relvented technical board (if not, Charges applied)
  • Degrees must attested from foriegn office, HEC, saudi culture and saudi embassy
  • Final Exit paper for those who worked in saudia
  • Embassy has rights to require addition documents
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